“Boom” Take Action Now!

Wow, Last Night in all the Big Media Outlets it was Announced.

The Big Boom heard around the world.

Tesla Motors put in an offer to purchase;

Solar City to form Tesla Energy.

Creating Your, One Stop, Clean Energy Shop!

For me and everyone at Powur, this is Life Changing, Good News!!! 

Yup, I said Life Changing!!!


Here is the BOOM!

It was Jonathan Budd’s Mission when he started this Movement called Powur!

Do you want to keep doing what you were Doing? or Follow the Guy that is on a mission and has launched a Crusade to Change the World!

Or Follow the Guy that is on a mission and has launched a Crusade to Change the World!


If you are ready this Copy?

Pick up your cell phone call me on your next break.

Sign up today before the coming tidal wave as the big news empire,

Toots, this Horn!

We will be positioned partnered with the New Army of Light Bearers bringing Clean Energy to the World!

You must be able to Hear the Planet;

“Gaia” Calling for Help!

Act now to change this part of a broken corrupt system.

We all complain about it stuff we can not change..

This Is The Reason you were BORN!

We are all here Now at is point, in Time.

To create the next Golden Age and it will be Powured by,

 Solar and other green alternatives

Imagine, getting paid fo your the next twenty year because started your own Clean Energy Business, partnered with the Creative solutions makers at Power.PBC (Public Benefits Company)

Wake Up,

Smell the Coffee,

Dial your cell phone right NOW 1-250-703-6967 

The first “1” is because I live in Canada. 8 am – 8 pm Pacific time.

Michael Gene Pearce

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Do You Want to Own your Rooftop Solar?

Do You Want to Own your Rooftop Solar?

This is a huge step forward for all the people that want to own instead of lease a rooftop system that provides them with Clean, Green Power from the Sun!

If You have been following this blog for the Last ten months. 

You Know I am promoting Zero Down SolarCity in twenty-three of the Untied States down south of Canada.

While I build a massive list of Canadians waiting for this green option to move north into Canada.

If you want to check out if this cool system can be install where you live?

Follow this link: https://powur.com/with/michael.pearce

Add your info and we will talk about how it all works, soon.

Here is a quote from Jonathan Budd,

“OH My God!

Did you see what happened, last week??!

We now have the BEST product options in the World x10!

Watch the full Video twice to completely understand the importance of what just happened.”

I did, just now.

It was so cool I had to post about this, imagine making payments for ten years, then never paying ever again for your Power?

Solar messenger, Michael

PS< this just in as Worked on this Post:

HOLY S***. (Yes, I am that excited)

I’m not sure if this allowed to be leaked yet, but I don’t care. I just got confirmation and inside word from SCTY that we are INDEED going into a LITANY of new markets over the next 60 days.

Powur will be opening in UTAH starting in June, covering all the population of salt lake and surrounding Areas.

Powur will be opening in FLORIDA in June, covering the entire Orlando area and suburbs.

Powur will be opening in Houston and San Antonio in JULY.

Powur will be opening in South Carolina in July.

Ladies & Gentlemen…

the solar revolution is about to BLOW UP!!

I am so darn excited right now.

Hang on to your hats

Hang on to your hats Powur people… we are setting our sights on national and international TAKE OFF!

All of this is being made possible by our new Loan Product.

We’ll send out more info and detailed training in the coming weeks. And this goes without saying… but you just might want to be making a few phone calls into those markets!!! lol

Share this with friends that own homes and need to start saving money.


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Do you want Rooftop Solar?

Do you know anyone that wants, Rooftop Solar?

 💡 I am from Canada and Powur is only available in twenty states, so far it is not marketable in Canada.

I reaching out to connect with US homeowners that like the idea of saving money on their energy bill with no upfront costs.

If you live in any of the ocean front states except Florida and Georgia, we are open for business.

Solar City is our business partner in the field is even doing Rooftop Solar Systems in Hawaii using the Tesla Powerwalls because connecting locally to the grid is a bad deal for homeowners. 

We are hoping this will be the case in Nevada where SolarCity is on the wrong end of a quick switch by the State Governor. 



\\\\\\\\\\ Click here to see if crews are working in your hometown? \\\\\\\\\\

https://powur.com/with/michael.pearce <

This link also works if you want to start sharing the sunshine with others.

Imagine receiving $200 for each referral you make to Solar City then getting checks monthly for the next 20 years?

This Powur Business Model is just so different from other marketing options I have found.

First No Monthly Auto Ship investment to get paid each month.

Second, No Physical Product to Purchase, Store or Selling. We do not have to close any sales or ask our clients for money. up front. Zero down means just that. 

Thrid, Cool fact on your third sale you are in profit have covered all your start up expenses.

Fourth, every month Powur adds something to their advanced marketing system to make sharing this clean, green energy option with everyone you know easier.

Do you want Rooftop Solar?

Will you share this post in your social media?

Do you know others that will want to know about this cool option?





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Creating a Solar Future!

I have been aware for years that there is a problem with where we get our energy. I had no idea how big the problem for the first forty years till I read a book called,

“The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight”,

“Waking up to Personal and Global Transformation.”

Thom Hartmann. 

The book was written in 1999  Ironically the same year I joined my first business opportunity.

 Ironically the same year, I joined my first work from home opportunity.

It was called ACN. 

It was going to change the way we pay for our utilities bill.

Great idea who’s time had not come yet, at least here in Canada where the only product we had was a dial-up, internet connections.

I read Thom’s book about ten years ago. 

I still remember how much it affected me.

The book, “Last Days of Ancient Sunshine” was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard Jonathon Budd’s Powur Story.

I will have to ask if he has read the book when I get the chance.

On Page # 131 Thom Hartmann says,

The Present Story: We’re Disconnected, Separate

The Fact is we are Running out of Oil.

That we have > a twenty year supply of several critical minerals.

That our children may face an economically disastrous future are well known to those who have supervised the rape of the earth and the transfer has been of the wealth from, “Natural Resources” shared for over 100,000 thousand years by native people to themselves over the last 7,000.

The Tribes were conquered by the younger cultures, who only understand Conquest!

Powur is the first option that addresses both of these Key Issues. 

If you want to join a movement that is going to change this planet one rooftop at a time;

If you believe the world is out of balance you have to do everything you can to support clean, green planet-friendly choices.

Click here: Join the Powur Grid.

Michael Gene Pearce, Solar messenger

PS< If you know someone in the states that wants rooftop solar or if they want to promote Zero Down Solar to their community,

Share this Post with Them!



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Saving You Money The Nest Controls your Energy Use

The whole system will work automatically and can be monitored through SolarCity’s app. on your smartphone. Saving You Money The Nest’s Learning Thermostat™ Controls your Energy Use.

They even have smart, electric water heater that will use the solar energy from the Solar PV to heat water during the day and store it for later use in the home.

While the Tesla Powerwall will store excess energy from the panels, which the Nest Thermostat from Google, will be able to manage at night.

Customers can choose to install more than one Tesla Powerwall depending on the size of the residence. Right now you can get it in a seven or ten-kilowatt unit.

SolarCity says it has already started taking pre-orders from residential customers in Hawaii for these ‘Smart Energy Home’.

Recent coverage of SolarCity and Tesla Energy: NestAd_11x17_Final_223 (1)

Feb 24, 2016 Straight from the Solar City Website.

HONOLULU, Hawaii, Feb. 24, 2016 – SolarCity (NASDAQ: SCTY) is introducing a Smart Energy Home offering to new residential customers in Hawaii. It includes advanced technology: solar PV, battery storage, smart electric water heaters and the Nest Learning Thermostat™—all coordinated by a home gateway that controls the battery, water heater, thermostat and inverter to maximize solar PV generation and self-consumption.

SolarCity’s smart energy home management system combines solar with batteries to store excess electricity generated from the solar power system during the day, then deliver it to the home at night. The dynamically-controlled smart electric water heater uses solar PV to heat water during the day and store it for later use in the home. Altogether, the Smart Energy Home uses the battery, smart electric water heater and controllable  to automatically modify energy usage based on how much solar power is available to prevent energy from being exported back to the grid.

System size, as well as the combination of technology and number of batteries, will vary based on customers’ individual energy usage.

The Smart Energy Home offer is available by lease and by cash purchase, and SolarCity will begin taking orders today.

For more information, visit: Start Saving Today!

Michael Gene Pearce

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SolarCity Opens in Three New Markets

Good News for all involved SolarCity Opens in more New Markets!

Hawaii reopens with Tesla Batteries Systems instead of connecting to a grid. 

These installs will be totally off the grid.

Best news yet for us in Canada as Washington state goes active. 

Making twenty-three states open for the SolarCity / Powur business model.

SolarCity Regional Map plus Florida in the Orlando area, Texas is also open in San Antonio and Houston, Utah, and South Carolina, but closed in Nevada.

Even better than that Mexico is opening for Solar City and Sara has one partner in Mexico city.

Looking at from SolarCity Business model, they want to be where the sun is shining and there is a lots of homes in a small area

This is where the internet makes it easy. 

I have thirteen teammates in states most from Solar City active states.

One in Mexico City where SolarCity is setting up shop.

I have an advocate from India, Karan Manchanda.

He is young and sees the opportunity in being first in his country to promote a new business model and like myself has Visihaki.

Sign is Forked Lightening Bolt!

Amazing how using the invention of the Internet to reach out, connect with Blogs that share Ideas and Information.

I can stay at home a semi-retired Chef can sit here in his living room listening to his grandson, Nathan Play. Nathan is almost one get in the way of his four-year-old, sister Brooklyn Barbie dream house, cartoons on Netflix.

We don’t do ComercAILS IN THE HOUSE.

How about You?

I believe we become what we put into our bodies and minds.

That is why I eat the purest food I can buy and study with Masters of Self-discipline and Self-awareness that help me change my thought that become new habits which become my reality!


Michael Gene Pearce,

GETTING To The HEART of the Matter with Professional Marketing ANSWERS!



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Pay your Deposit on a Tesla Model 3 – April Fools day

This is the news everyone that Loves Electric cars been waiting for.

You can Pay your Deposit on a Tesla Model 3 – April Fools day.

What a cool marketing idea you pay $1,000 USD.as a deposit to reserve your Model 3 and when it gets built in 2017 you get it and start driving without a gas bill forever.

The next thousand dollar USD I make from this Power Business is staying in my US bank account till, April first then I ‘ll use it as the deposit on our first new car ever.

I am so excited even at today’s lower gas prices we still use $600 in fuel every month was over $900 when gas was $1.50/litre.

We drive for a living right now and the 60% savings we will enjoy will go a long way to cover the purchase agreement.

Factor in lower maintenance costs, less moving parts, no oil changes, fuel filters, belts and hoses to change..

Wow I am so excited the only thing that would be better was if we were already the sales force charged with sharing this option with the world 

I have heard Jonathon Budd say he wants Powur to share this with the world.

I believe once I buy one I can sell them to other’s at least, this is true for individuals that have purchased the Model S and X from Tesla, Already.

Hop on the mailing list if you want to know when I can market these cool rides.

SHARE THIS POST, Pay your Deposit on a Tesla Model 3 – April Fools day.


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What Type of Future are you Creating?

I heard this question on today’s Powur opportunity call, 

“What Type of Future are you Creating?”

I am creating a better world for my kids and grandkids

Now hear you giggling, sounded pretty tongue and cheeky to me too.

Sounded pretty tongue and cheeky. to me too.

To me too at first.

Then upon reflection,  

I see examples that prove,

I create my own reality daily.

Google – Dr. Robert Anthony, his explanation made sense to my conscious mind enough that I now firmly believe it works the way he explains it.  😆 

Read: The Laws of Deliberate Creation or Beyond Positive Thinking!

NLP is not Magic!

Simple example, “You have two ears and one month.”

That means when you say something out loud you have heard it, twice.

Second thing to remember,

“If I say it is Suspect. If you say or think it, “It is True, for You! 

Tom Hopkins, legendary sales trainer

Flip this one over in your mind,

You’ll have the start of the solution to a huge problem for most people.


When a great teacher’s speak of being present they are talking about spending part of your waking day, sitting in silence waiting for your own,

ESPEnteral Silent Partner to let you know what needs to be done next. 

To let you know what needs to be done next. 

It sounds way to simple as long as you listen to your ego or your conscious mind all you will get is why it will not work that is because the conscious mind only knows what it remembers from your past experiences.

It only has your past experience to draw on when you connect with your higher self that part of you that is eternal.

It Knows your Life Propose.

If you listen after taking your breath it can guide you to the best possible outcome from all the options you may not even understand are available to you.

If you listen, in Silence.

Intuition can Guide you!

My Spiritual Guide,  Phyllis Chubb teaches her students,

“Find our Breath!”

Here is some of her basic training she shared with the Webmasters Posse, over a year ago:

This is a link to a post on her Blog: 

Click here: http://phyllischubb.com/charlie-sheen/

Back to the question I started with,

“What Type of Future are you Creating?”

I see a future that is bright where I am leading a passionate army of entrepreneurs in the forces of Light as we challenge the established power that Be.


We the SolarPreneur, Superheroes, are each doing our part to change the way the energy companies do business by decentralize the power grid while helping homeowners save money every month. It is not easy to stop, take your breath & listen for the answers inside ourselves. as long as we are using another’s solution to our problems you will have a problem. 

Stop take your breath, wait, stay present till you get your answer.

When you Visit Phyllis’s Site: http://phyllischubb.com/

 Comment on a Post, Like and Share her Work, with others.

PS < Thank You!

Michael Gene Pearce, Getting to the Heart of the Matter!



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Say, Yes 2 Roof Top Solar


If you live in an of the ocean front state you can

Say, Yes 2 Roof Top Solar!

After I explain how this works it is going to make complete sense.

Have you heard about Elon Musks’ Solar City? 

They’ve dominated the growing solar installation industry for six years?

Forty percent of all installs in the United States where done by SOLAR CITY, Last Year?

HOW about you can have your own 0 Down Roof Top Solar Installation from Solar City with the new state of the art Tesla Batteries if:

You have owned your own home for at least three months. 

You have good, credit score over 650. 

If not, there is an option to use a co-signer.

Must Live in a state that has net metering.

Here are the activated states so far: SolarCity Regional Map

Be willing to sign twenty-year lease agreement or thirty-year purchase deal?

Want to lock in your electric cost for the next twenty/thirty years at today’s wholesale rate?

How would you like to receive a refund cheque once a year from the utility company that sold you your power?

Just Say, Yes 2 Roof Top Solar so you can help the planet while saving money on your power bill. find out more by following this link:

Get Solar Now!

Now let’s get the bigger picture from Tesla Savior, Elon Musk about the advantages of using a Tesla Battery to stabilize your energy demand. Imagine never having to pay at the top tier for your daily power use ever agian when you use these space age batteries. 

Now that you know “How it Really Is!” straight from Elon you will want to be part of this world-changing solution.

Canada Talks Health, -the Raw Audition- (2)

1-250-703-6967 10 am- 4 pm Tuesdays to Saturday.

At Powur we are working with Tesla products and Solar City Installation crews creating a new stable energy grid that pays homeowners for their surplus power that is used to stabilize the existing system. 

If you want to Say, Yes 2 rooftop solar?

Leave your e-mail in the box to your right.

Voice your opinion by Commenting on this Post, or

Share it with someone you know in the United States. 

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How You Eat an Elephant?

I  want to share with you,

“How You Eat an Elephant?”

One Bite at a time sounds simple, but it is Hard Work.

I found it was the same way when you are working with Geniuses, Building a New Business Model.

Building a New Business Model that is set to transform how the world gets its’ Power.

Working with Visionaries like Elon Musk and Jonathon Budd, busy creating a New Clean Energy Grid.

I am Excited that Twenty-Three, SuperHeroes have joined the SolarPrenuer Team, each Being Shining Examples of the change they want to see in this World!

I always wanted to be part of an epic quest!

THIS ONE Reminds me of “the Lord of the Rings!”

We are Leading the Charge for the Forces of Light against Hordes of Mordor.

Chick here to see their work: BAD DEAL FOR NEVADA

The Big fight against the Oil and Coal Companies it is like the Champions of Light facing the Orcs of Sauron, the Great

I have always been a hardcore roleplayer, every Sunday night for over thirty years.

Now, I feel as if I have a Real seat at the round table in Camelot,

I am now a Knight in the Service of Light!

It is hard to explain how Proud I am of each of these Superheroes.

They stood up when they heard the call down through the ages.

Each Incarnation choosing a different path facing difficult Challenges that would teach resourcefulness, train them to be self-discipline, yet mature enough to have a deep understanding of what we are fighting about.

We are ready to Fight the Biggest fight of this Modern Age.

We are involved in the timeless battle between the forces of Light & Dark.

It is like, “We are Veterans of a Thousand Psychic Wars.”

Locked in that timeless battle between the Light and the Dark.

For years, I wonder what I was going to do when I grew up. 

I had heard that if I had not grown out by 50 I would never have to.

Then I get to Fifty and find out I was born to sell Sunshine,

Clean, Green, Sun Shine!

Save Money and Do Good!

Watch here is another way to look at this Choice:

If you have Fight still in you.  

Stand up for your Children and your Children’s Children.

Do whatever you can,  share this battle call.

Comment at the bottom of this Post.

Then add, your Name and E-mail to the role call,

We are training champions to be Solar SuperHeroes!

Solar messenger, Michael

Apply Within!

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