Why are you Focused on Solar Right Now?

A Blogging Buddy asked me, 

“Why are you Focused on Solar, Right Now?”

Even funnier a woman at toastmasters said, during our table topics,

“There is no proof mankind has caused global warming?”

It was funny, four days after,

the COP 21 Climate Summit wrapped up.

It was truly hard not to laugh out loud.

I was sitting right next to her.

Last week 185 Countries agreed on it.

Governments will be created Tax incentives or Improved upon exciting ones like California has to make this happen. Make sure when this solar tide washes the world clean. that you are not the last guy to own a Traditional car dealership in about ten years.

IMAGINE, you are the last guy to own a Traditional car dealership.

This is the future of homes that Tesla workers are Building and Designing turning these ideas into reality as I type. 

SOLAR CITY IS WORKING ON THE (Click this hot link): Next products to offer.

A legendary teacher of business, told us, long term you need to learn between opportunities there is a period of time when as a surfer of the internet we should be doing your work, “Building a lists of Buyers, Prospects and other Successful Service providers.

“Building a lists of Buyers, Building relationships with Prospects and other Successful Service providers.

Paddle, Paddle, Kick, Kick

As Daine Hochman, my favorite trainer online is often heard to say.

Then there comes a time when you see the next massive wave is coming…

You’ve been honing your marketing skills?

Building a list, learning to really connect with people that like and trust you.

This is the time to stand up on that broad, shout out to all the other surfers.

Now it is time to Surf the BIG WAVE that will create;

The New Clean Energy Solar Grid!

If you have a list of customers or other marketers that might want in on this Massive Solar Wave that is washing the world clean in 2016.

WE have a head start on most.

Solar City is a 6-year-old company,

It has 35% of the Marketplace,

6 Billion market cap.

Just the other day after one of the best days in trading history,

Solar City grew by 50% in Stock Value overnight.

Marketing is learning to really connect with people so they like & trust you.

Now that we have done the work it is the time.

Stand up on that surf broad,

Shout out to all your buddies.

Powur was launched in July

We have all the piece in place.

Thanks to Jonathon Budds’ foresight

Let’s Ride this SOLAR WAVE all the way around this planet.

Now is the time.

Look at what Bloomberg calls a (Click this hot link):

Really Big Deal for Solar.

Call me, 250-703-6967

Get your ticket. jump on this next

Space X Style Launch, called Powur,

Find your seat and Buckle up Baby!

Check this out good news, President: Obama Says


The Oil age is over.

We are all here to bear witness as Sun is proven to be the Way

We are living in biblical times.

Elon Musk could say,

 “I AM The Light of the World!

Whoever follows me, shall not walk in darkness but shall find the light.”

Making Jonathon Budd, Jesus and us PowurPreneurs his disciplines.

Chick here to join my team and Help start the Solar Revolution in Canada.


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