“Boom” Take Action Now!

Wow, Last Night in all the Big Media Outlets it was Announced.

The Big Boom heard around the world.

Tesla Motors put in an offer to purchase;

Solar City to form Tesla Energy.

Creating Your, One Stop, Clean Energy Shop!

For me and everyone at Powur, this is Life Changing, Good News!!! 

Yup, I said Life Changing!!!


Here is the BOOM!

It was Jonathan Budd’s Mission when he started this Movement called Powur!

Do you want to keep doing what you were Doing? or Follow the Guy that is on a mission and has launched a Crusade to Change the World!

Or Follow the Guy that is on a mission and has launched a Crusade to Change the World!


If you are ready this Copy?

Pick up your cell phone call me on your next break.

Sign up today before the coming tidal wave as the big news empire,

Toots, this Horn!

We will be positioned partnered with the New Army of Light Bearers bringing Clean Energy to the World!

You must be able to Hear the Planet;

“Gaia” Calling for Help!

Act now to change this part of a broken corrupt system.

We all complain about it stuff we can not change..

This Is The Reason you were BORN!

We are all here Now at is point, in Time.

To create the next Golden Age and it will be Powured by,

 Solar and other green alternatives

Imagine, getting paid fo your the next twenty year because started your own Clean Energy Business, partnered with the Creative solutions makers at Power.PBC (Public Benefits Company)

Wake Up,

Smell the Coffee,

Dial your cell phone right NOW 1-250-703-6967 

The first “1” is because I live in Canada. 8 am – 8 pm Pacific time.

Michael Gene Pearce



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