Creating a Solar Future!

I have been aware for years that there is a problem with where we get our energy. I had no idea how big the problem for the first forty years till I read a book called,

“The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight”,

“Waking up to Personal and Global Transformation.”

Thom Hartmann. 

The book was written in 1999  Ironically the same year I joined my first business opportunity.

 Ironically the same year, I joined my first work from home opportunity.

It was called ACN. 

It was going to change the way we pay for our utilities bill.

Great idea who’s time had not come yet, at least here in Canada where the only product we had was a dial-up, internet connections.

I read Thom’s book about ten years ago. 

I still remember how much it affected me.

The book, “Last Days of Ancient Sunshine” was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard Jonathon Budd’s Powur Story.

I will have to ask if he has read the book when I get the chance.

On Page # 131 Thom Hartmann says,

The Present Story: We’re Disconnected, Separate

The Fact is we are Running out of Oil.

That we have > a twenty year supply of several critical minerals.

That our children may face an economically disastrous future are well known to those who have supervised the rape of the earth and the transfer has been of the wealth from, “Natural Resources” shared for over 100,000 thousand years by native people to themselves over the last 7,000.

The Tribes were conquered by the younger cultures, who only understand Conquest!

Powur is the first option that addresses both of these Key Issues. 

If you want to join a movement that is going to change this planet one rooftop at a time;

If you believe the world is out of balance you have to do everything you can to support clean, green planet-friendly choices.

Click here: Join the Powur Grid.

Michael Gene Pearce, Solar messenger

PS< If you know someone in the states that wants rooftop solar or if they want to promote Zero Down Solar to their community,

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