Do You want Cashback from your Power Company?

Imagine, How Cool it would be if the energy company you partnered with paid you when there was any surplus of power being generated from your personal rooftop solar energy system?


Begs the question I started with,

“Do You want Cashback from your Power Company?”

Elon Musks, Solar City is that kind of Company, when you have a clean home energy system set up with Tesla’s High Performance Solar Panels on your home roof and a Tesla Battery in the garage you will have peace of mind.

First Huge Benefit: Homeowners with the Tesla batteries you can charge them at night at the lowest rate or during the day directly from the Sun.

Second Bonus: The Kilowatt Hour rate you pay for your power is set at today’s wholesale then, you lock it in for the life of the 20 – 30 year contract.

Third Treat: You are personally helping create a more stable Energy grid at the same time the local utility companies will start saving the costs associated with creating developing new resources.

Win / Win / Win!

It keeps getting better, you do not need any money up front in the twenty states that have net metering to make it fair for all involved.

Net metering is where the utilities must pay the homeowners at the same wholesale rate they are being charged.

If you live in a State, that has “0” Down Solar City Rooftop Systems. 

I’d want to know right?

You would want to know about lower cost clean energy, Right?

Click Here: Solar Messenger, Michael 

Find out if your home qualifies;

If service is not available in your home’s local area, please leave your:

Name, E-mail, Zip Code & Phone Number in the box on the right. 

A Member of the Team of Superheroes at SolarPrenuer will contact you when Solar City opens for business locally in your State / Country.

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