Dynasties Will BE Created.

YES< In 23 days from now this contest comes to a close.
Let’s all focus on this huge opportunity to move our businesses model fast forward at the Speed of Light!
One might Say, Dynasties Will BE Created.
We have just over three weeks to make Powur History and Qualify for Game Changer instead of the Mini-game changer.
The Biggest Gamification in Business History is a Foot.
For the Eight SuperHeroes that have already joined as Powur Partners.
AS the old song says, 
Panel the Planet!
Each of you Superheroes will get an Equal share of these new leads to grow your businesses.
Imagine, we are all on that team on the stage at the first Convention as the Leaders the Field?
WE only need five more paid up Partners in the next three weeks!
If you want to carve up out a really bright future.
We all want to win the Game Changer Reward and a Full Share of the new industry targeted leads corporate will be sending to the Qualifiers!
Game Changer: qualification are clear;
13 partners over 90 days.
We have eight paid up.
Here is the deal.
I need all of you working as a team to get this done.
When we get the thirteen we will still needed Three of the Partners to get, three families Approved as Solar City Referrals each.
(one bonus shares each for pulling off this minor miracle.)
This may be the hard part for us in Canada, easier for the state sider’s if they’re Blessed to be in a State with an Active Solar City Installation Crew.
Think about what an impact this will have on your growing TEAM:
The math BRINGS THE TOTAL to 17 Shares for the team.
A Single one for me to use to help new partners with a third sign-up for L-1
Original 13 Solar Champions, Everyone gets an equal share.
Each of the three individuals that DO the heavy lifting will get one bonus share for a total of two shares each for being; Superheroes at Powur!
We get a Share, of all this company paid for National Branding and Launch Campaign during the first quarter of 2016.
Imagine how big your team will be when you get your share of these 2,000,000 leads and during the test ad campaigns, almost 50% converted.
I believe if you are ready to rise and to shine!
Hop on the Rising Tidal Wave caused by this SOLAR Explosion.
We’re Building the new business model for the energy sector.
 Powur has about 900 Partners Proudly Sharing this Unique Pollution Solution.
Today, I Have 2% on the Company on Team SolarPreneur.
Solar Messenger, Michael
PS< We need six more partners to join this party in the next three weeks to go from a half share to  full share of all leads from corporates $10,000 a week paid national public Ad Campaign in the first quarter of 2016.
Solar Messenger> Michael  😎 
We will Be Creating a Dynasty your family will marvel at for generations.



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