HOMEOWNERS are Saving Money on Powur in nineteen states

HOMEOWNERS are Saving Money on Powur in nineteen states, with more states to come.

Let’s have a look see if Solar City is in your town yet?

SolarCity Regional Map

We all get what we need as far as clean Energy and as a Win/Win type of Bonus we are each helping end the modern dependence on Dirt Fuel Options.

These choices were not even economically Viable till about five years  ago.

It just ain’t so TODAY!

In the last five years, production costs of Quality Solar Panels have come down by 80%

It the same time efficiency has been improved by 50% IN THE LAST CALANDER YEAR

What does WIKI, Say?

Are you open to new choices?

We are building a new Business Model here at Powur, where normal people get paid to promote an amazing energy solution from Elon Musk’s Solar City.

Jonathon Budd has connected us to Solar City and positioned this Company to make all future offerings from any Tesla Company to the buying public.

How about the Canadian Government Site has: .gov

Now that you have looked over what the Canadain Government has to say about this problem I want to Share a Simple choice with You?

Things are so bad even B.C. Hydro is saying it is time to look at solar and wind options, we can stop by the official B.C. Hydro Site.


Now You know, “HOMEOWNERS” are Saving Money using Clean Powur in nineteen states.


PS< It is your time to shine.



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