How You Eat an Elephant?

I  want to share with you,

“How You Eat an Elephant?”

One Bite at a time sounds simple, but it is Hard Work.

I found it was the same way when you are working with Geniuses, Building a New Business Model.

Building a New Business Model that is set to transform how the world gets its’ Power.

Working with Visionaries like Elon Musk and Jonathon Budd, busy creating a New Clean Energy Grid.

I am Excited that Twenty-Three, SuperHeroes have joined the SolarPrenuer Team, each Being Shining Examples of the change they want to see in this World!

I always wanted to be part of an epic quest!

THIS ONE Reminds me of “the Lord of the Rings!”

We are Leading the Charge for the Forces of Light against Hordes of Mordor.

Chick here to see their work: BAD DEAL FOR NEVADA

The Big fight against the Oil and Coal Companies it is like the Champions of Light facing the Orcs of Sauron, the Great

I have always been a hardcore roleplayer, every Sunday night for over thirty years.

Now, I feel as if I have a Real seat at the round table in Camelot,

I am now a Knight in the Service of Light!

It is hard to explain how Proud I am of each of these Superheroes.

They stood up when they heard the call down through the ages.

Each Incarnation choosing a different path facing difficult Challenges that would teach resourcefulness, train them to be self-discipline, yet mature enough to have a deep understanding of what we are fighting about.

We are ready to Fight the Biggest fight of this Modern Age.

We are involved in the timeless battle between the forces of Light & Dark.

It is like, “We are Veterans of a Thousand Psychic Wars.”

Locked in that timeless battle between the Light and the Dark.

For years, I wonder what I was going to do when I grew up. 

I had heard that if I had not grown out by 50 I would never have to.

Then I get to Fifty and find out I was born to sell Sunshine,

Clean, Green, Sun Shine!

Save Money and Do Good!

Watch here is another way to look at this Choice:

If you have Fight still in you.  

Stand up for your Children and your Children’s Children.

Do whatever you can,  share this battle call.

Comment at the bottom of this Post.

Then add, your Name and E-mail to the role call,

We are training champions to be Solar SuperHeroes!

Solar messenger, Michael

Apply Within!



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