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Passive Solar Energy Principles, at Arcosanti

Laurie Owen, LMP and Solar Energy Advocate

I’ve been thinking about solar energy for quite a few years.

I became fascinated by the work of Paolo Solerie, avidly reading about the apse effect.  I still believe the long-term solution to our current dilemmas involves returning to a gentler, simpler time.  However, I’m also a pragmatist.  I don’t think we’ll stop using the internet or tear down our ecologically silly houses.  One small change that most of us can realistically make, though, is to at least partially “get off the grid,” incorporating solar energy into our household, or better yet, to work out a way to return some of our power usage for the greater good.

Retrofitting your house to be solar energy-friendly is becoming an option.  Companies like Solar City are making the change feasible.

Our team of Solar Advocates can help you navigate the process.


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