Do You want Cashback from your Power Company?

Imagine, How Cool it would be if the energy company you partnered with paid you when there was any surplus of power being generated from your personal rooftop solar energy system?


Begs the question I started with,

“Do You want Cashback from your Power Company?”

Elon Musks, Solar City is that kind of Company, when you have a clean home energy system set up with Tesla’s High Performance Solar Panels on your home roof and a Tesla Battery in the garage you will have peace of mind.

First Huge Benefit: Homeowners with the Tesla batteries you can charge them at night at the lowest rate or during the day directly from the Sun.

Second Bonus: The Kilowatt Hour rate you pay for your power is set at today’s wholesale then, you lock it in for the life of the 20 – 30 year contract.

Third Treat: You are personally helping create a more stable Energy grid at the same time the local utility companies will start saving the costs associated with creating developing new resources.

Win / Win / Win!

It keeps getting better, you do not need any money up front in the twenty states that have net metering to make it fair for all involved.

Net metering is where the utilities must pay the homeowners at the same wholesale rate they are being charged.

If you live in a State, that has “0” Down Solar City Rooftop Systems. 

I’d want to know right?

You would want to know about lower cost clean energy, Right?

Click Here: Solar Messenger, Michael 

Find out if your home qualifies;

If service is not available in your home’s local area, please leave your:

Name, E-mail, Zip Code & Phone Number in the box on the right. 

A Member of the Team of Superheroes at SolarPrenuer will contact you when Solar City opens for business locally in your State / Country.

Help spread the Sunshine;  Comment at the bottom of this page, then “Like IT! 😆  this post, Best thing is to share it in your own socail media. 

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Second Star to the Right!

Do you have any Pixie Dust, Tinkerbell?

Another way I have heard it said is,

“Be the person who does the work and so you can have the rewards that go with having had the joy of doing all that hard work, most seem to avoid.”

I like, “the Magic of Thinking Big!” 

I feel that if one Shoots for the Stars and Hits the Moon it will all work out.

or my favorite LINE from, Peter Pan,

“Second Star to the Right, Straight on to Morning”

I quit working in the restaurant industry in November of 2001.

Three reasons:

September 11th. 2001, I Saw the first Cracks in the Matrix!

I Was Tired of training more bright young minds to a dying art form, where they would get paid less year, after year in a legal form of slavery I had perpetuated for at least ten of my 21 years as a Chef and a Teacher.

I knew deep inside I had something to do still.

Joined network marketing, sort of got my feet wet built a career. At 35, I Recreated my professional self as financial advisor of all things. In the early two thousands, everyone was making money in the Lottery that was investing we thought it would never end.

Alas, it was built on sand in 2007 in August I listen to Sandi Weils’retirment speech in Atlanta Georgia, came home from the convention ready to save the world. Tell everyone it was over. Time to stop investing, move your money to safer options… 

Everyone was happy making 10-20% a year.

No one wanted to hear it.

February 2008 in what I call my cosmic two by four.

Hits me in the head twice.

The first time was in Headon Car Crash with drugged, up guy in stolen car at 30 MPH.

One week later, the market crash happened.

Followed by PTSD from the assault and facing two hours of questions at the trial, of the young repeat offender.

Deep depression, weight gain, ballooned up to 300 pounds…

Found an amazing Canadian nature health food that solved the depression PROBLEM.


I Started walking back to the land of the Living.

Thought the hard stuff was over.

FAST FORWARD Four years TO “FOUR YEARS AGO this Week!”


12/11/2011 Lost my mother, Heather at age 64

01/10/2012 Heart attack > Air Lift > Four stints

Evolutionary Transformation Creates Bliss. (4)

Second Chance at a Full Life, Physical Transformation.

If 46 is the midpoint transfer from the old life of poverty, grief, and shattered dream. 

Part two has been a journey of recovery freedom out through the other side or to tie the metaphor together.

“Straight on till Morning” or the Dawning of a Bright New Day.

In this future, I play a Key role in the rapid expansion of the Elon Musks’ dream of Paneling the Planet in Solar Cells. The new normal in business is this clean energy grid, that was built by Day Dream Believers. 

It grew like wildfire as World Governments, followed Canada’s example by dropping all barriers to Solar & Wind Alternatives.

30 %  Rebates are made available before the end of 2016 in ten other countries and that is just the start.

This what we offer:

PS< If you want this dream to be the norm, Like, Share or Comment! 

Share with everyone you care  about, the world is listening, 

This is a Game-Changing for the Energy Sector and how it does Business.

Solar Messenger, Michael




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Dynasties Will BE Created.

YES< In 23 days from now this contest comes to a close.
Let’s all focus on this huge opportunity to move our businesses model fast forward at the Speed of Light!
One might Say, Dynasties Will BE Created.
We have just over three weeks to make Powur History and Qualify for Game Changer instead of the Mini-game changer.
The Biggest Gamification in Business History is a Foot.
For the Eight SuperHeroes that have already joined as Powur Partners.
AS the old song says, 
Panel the Planet!
Each of you Superheroes will get an Equal share of these new leads to grow your businesses.
Imagine, we are all on that team on the stage at the first Convention as the Leaders the Field?
WE only need five more paid up Partners in the next three weeks!
If you want to carve up out a really bright future.
We all want to win the Game Changer Reward and a Full Share of the new industry targeted leads corporate will be sending to the Qualifiers!
Game Changer: qualification are clear;
13 partners over 90 days.
We have eight paid up.
Here is the deal.
I need all of you working as a team to get this done.
When we get the thirteen we will still needed Three of the Partners to get, three families Approved as Solar City Referrals each.
(one bonus shares each for pulling off this minor miracle.)
This may be the hard part for us in Canada, easier for the state sider’s if they’re Blessed to be in a State with an Active Solar City Installation Crew.
Think about what an impact this will have on your growing TEAM:
The math BRINGS THE TOTAL to 17 Shares for the team.
A Single one for me to use to help new partners with a third sign-up for L-1
Original 13 Solar Champions, Everyone gets an equal share.
Each of the three individuals that DO the heavy lifting will get one bonus share for a total of two shares each for being; Superheroes at Powur!
We get a Share, of all this company paid for National Branding and Launch Campaign during the first quarter of 2016.
Imagine how big your team will be when you get your share of these 2,000,000 leads and during the test ad campaigns, almost 50% converted.
I believe if you are ready to rise and to shine!
Hop on the Rising Tidal Wave caused by this SOLAR Explosion.
We’re Building the new business model for the energy sector.
 Powur has about 900 Partners Proudly Sharing this Unique Pollution Solution.
Today, I Have 2% on the Company on Team SolarPreneur.
Solar Messenger, Michael
PS< We need six more partners to join this party in the next three weeks to go from a half share to  full share of all leads from corporates $10,000 a week paid national public Ad Campaign in the first quarter of 2016.
Solar Messenger> Michael  😎 
We will Be Creating a Dynasty your family will marvel at for generations.
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What I Really, Really Want!

Christmas time makes me want to sing.

All I want for Christmas is my two front Teeth.

Joking, Not that old song.

I am not a big spice girl fan but the song, I am singing today is:

 What I Really Want!
















What do YOU want for Christmas this year?

Peace and Joy on Earth, Good will to all Men?

I want Clean Energy from the Sun that does not leave pollution that will end life as we know it before the grandkids life’s end unnaturally.

I have been passionate about using healthy super Foods to LOSE THE WEIGHT & REGAINED my long term, Heart Health.

Now I find myself sitting watching as this the tidal wave, of Solar panel installations, has launched its ten-year Mission to Panel the Planet.  covering the world in Clean reusable energy creation. do you want to speed up this positive change?

Fulfilling Elon Musks’ dream of covering the world in panels that create Clean reusable energy.

Join the SolarPreneur team of SuperHeroes if you want to speed up these positive changes?

SIGN UP TODAY: One of our Proven Leaders:



Do you want to speed up this positive change and;

Learn to earn as you share this amazing solution?

Do you still believe that Coal, Oil and LNG are the world’s energy answer?

Let’s hear what Elon Musk had to say about it.

Watch this Video:

Find the Green Arrow:

Fill in your details, we will keep you informed.

Like, if you support Clean Energy.

Comment: Ask a question if you need more information?

Share this post in your new feed daily:

Help it go VIRAL You have the Powur!

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Why are you Focused on Solar Right Now?

A Blogging Buddy asked me, 

“Why are you Focused on Solar, Right Now?”

Even funnier a woman at toastmasters said, during our table topics,

“There is no proof mankind has caused global warming?”

It was funny, four days after,

the COP 21 Climate Summit wrapped up.

It was truly hard not to laugh out loud.

I was sitting right next to her.

Last week 185 Countries agreed on it.

Governments will be created Tax incentives or Improved upon exciting ones like California has to make this happen. Make sure when this solar tide washes the world clean. that you are not the last guy to own a Traditional car dealership in about ten years.

IMAGINE, you are the last guy to own a Traditional car dealership.

This is the future of homes that Tesla workers are Building and Designing turning these ideas into reality as I type. 

SOLAR CITY IS WORKING ON THE (Click this hot link): Next products to offer.

A legendary teacher of business, told us, long term you need to learn between opportunities there is a period of time when as a surfer of the internet we should be doing your work, “Building a lists of Buyers, Prospects and other Successful Service providers.

“Building a lists of Buyers, Building relationships with Prospects and other Successful Service providers.

Paddle, Paddle, Kick, Kick

As Daine Hochman, my favorite trainer online is often heard to say.

Then there comes a time when you see the next massive wave is coming…

You’ve been honing your marketing skills?

Building a list, learning to really connect with people that like and trust you.

This is the time to stand up on that broad, shout out to all the other surfers.

Now it is time to Surf the BIG WAVE that will create;

The New Clean Energy Solar Grid!

If you have a list of customers or other marketers that might want in on this Massive Solar Wave that is washing the world clean in 2016.

WE have a head start on most.

Solar City is a 6-year-old company,

It has 35% of the Marketplace,

6 Billion market cap.

Just the other day after one of the best days in trading history,

Solar City grew by 50% in Stock Value overnight.

Marketing is learning to really connect with people so they like & trust you.

Now that we have done the work it is the time.

Stand up on that surf broad,

Shout out to all your buddies.

Powur was launched in July

We have all the piece in place.

Thanks to Jonathon Budds’ foresight

Let’s Ride this SOLAR WAVE all the way around this planet.

Now is the time.

Look at what Bloomberg calls a (Click this hot link):

Really Big Deal for Solar.

Call me, 250-703-6967

Get your ticket. jump on this next

Space X Style Launch, called Powur,

Find your seat and Buckle up Baby!

Check this out good news, President: Obama Says


The Oil age is over.

We are all here to bear witness as Sun is proven to be the Way

We are living in biblical times.

Elon Musk could say,

 “I AM The Light of the World!

Whoever follows me, shall not walk in darkness but shall find the light.”

Making Jonathon Budd, Jesus and us PowurPreneurs his disciplines.

Chick here to join my team and Help start the Solar Revolution in Canada.


View story at

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Everyday in Everyway Life gets Better and Better.

Transformational is all I have to say about the year 2015.

The title is a Quote from Emile Coue it Really is how I feel Every day.

In the past year, I have a personal Q&A with the gifted researcher who did the research that created the food that protected my heart Muscle.  

I have held 75 weekly recorded hangouts to perfect my presentation skills in a live group.

Completed the creation of my Heart Health Work with over 300 videos’ on Youtube and 320 posts at

Found myself confidence by doing what I would have said a year ago was totally impossible for me.

I launched a new Website: less than ten weeks ago to train the supporters of Jonathan Budds’ Powur project.  

The new site is now 90,000 in Canada and 2.5 million globally according to Similar Web Ranker.

Pretty Cool without a single paid ad.

Just good SEO!

Of course, it has a lot to do with this topic and my Loyal Superfans have helped by sharing this clean energy stuff with everyone they know.

It is easy to promote solving the dirty energy problem of Fossil Fuel and the Military industrial complex.

I had no Idea when I said yes to Powur, I would end up with Jonathon Budd as my personal Business Coach.

Now with eleven superheroes together we have hit the Big times!

We are one recruit away from winning the Mini Game-Changer and the half a share of the first quarter’s company paid for national, Ad campaign in the Panel the Planet contest that ENDS December 31st.

We are six recruits out for the Game Changer Award and a full share of those first national ads.

That old Huey Lewis song comes to mind,

“The Future is so Brighter we will all have to wear Shades”

The founder of Powur, Jonathon Budd was at Sara Gibson house  last night and they recruit three to the solar team in a single meeting all will be joining in the new year.

PS< That makes 14 teammates in less than 90 days.

See what I mean, Everyday in Everyway Life gets Better and Better.


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Takes Teamwork to make a Dream Work

The Book by a similar title by John Maxwell is a must read.

Get the Book.

I read it years ago, still true today.

The concept in this book is a warm approach to the idea of:

Only by working in a team will you fulfill your dreams.

The focus of the book is on realizing one’s dreams, achieving those goals by working in teams.

Teams come in every shape and size – spouses in a marriage, colleagues at work, volunteers together for a good cause…

It takes teamwork to make the dreamwork.

There are no lone rangers.

It’s a myth that one person can do something great.

Strong leaders who changed our country dreamed big and were successful because they were always part of a team.

This brings me to the number one reason I am so excited about Powur

I feel that way about Managment team with Elon Musk creating game-changing Clean Energy Products for us to market through the grid.

Second best part, Jonathon Budd has the creator here at Powur is Hero

Hero Maybe even a Modern-day SuperHeroes.

Elon Musk as IRONMAN

Jonathon Budd as THOR

Here is the Vidoe I did that shares how this has benefited me and helped grow a team of real superheroes.


WE still a few spots open.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I want to transform the world into a cleaner, green place.

Solar Messenger, Michael

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HOMEOWNERS are Saving Money on Powur in nineteen states

HOMEOWNERS are Saving Money on Powur in nineteen states, with more states to come.

Let’s have a look see if Solar City is in your town yet?

SolarCity Regional Map

We all get what we need as far as clean Energy and as a Win/Win type of Bonus we are each helping end the modern dependence on Dirt Fuel Options.

These choices were not even economically Viable till about five years  ago.

It just ain’t so TODAY!

In the last five years, production costs of Quality Solar Panels have come down by 80%

It the same time efficiency has been improved by 50% IN THE LAST CALANDER YEAR

What does WIKI, Say?

Are you open to new choices?

We are building a new Business Model here at Powur, where normal people get paid to promote an amazing energy solution from Elon Musk’s Solar City.

Jonathon Budd has connected us to Solar City and positioned this Company to make all future offerings from any Tesla Company to the buying public.

How about the Canadian Government Site has: .gov

Now that you have looked over what the Canadain Government has to say about this problem I want to Share a Simple choice with You?

Things are so bad even B.C. Hydro is saying it is time to look at solar and wind options, we can stop by the official B.C. Hydro Site.


Now You know, “HOMEOWNERS” are Saving Money using Clean Powur in nineteen states.


PS< It is your time to shine.

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Why Solar City Rocks!

When a six-year-old  company has 35% of the Market Share you know it becomes easy to understand  Why Solar City Rocks!

Here is the newest marketing Vidoe it explains all the basics.

It takes, just a few minutes to know if it makes sense to go with a Rooftop Solar Installation.

I am a Paladin of Light!

We Offer you Positive Choice from Dirt Fossil Fuels!

Here at Powur we Champion Roof Top Solar City Systems as the best way to effect positive change available today.

PS. I have a passion for health whether that is Heart health or The Planets Health it is all the same to me.

If you already have an online business supporting this pollution solution just takes sense.

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Have you Quit Two Feet from Gold

Have you Quit Two Feet from Gold

I know I have more than once only to regret that inaction.

If you give up too soon you will miss out on the Gold.

Napoleon Hill shared the story of a Gold Miner.

He gave up sold his mining claim and all the equipment because he thought the mine was paid out.

The junk collector who bought the scrape for pennies on the dollar.

Was a wise man so he paid  an expert to survey the mine.

The expert came in looked the place over and said,

If the old owner had just kept going a few more feet, he would have hit a new vein of Ore.

This is the whole story as taught by the master of the Mastermind, Napolean Hill.

I heard this story years ago but until Monday Night about 10:30 PM I had not totally understood how it really works or exactly how to get the results I wanted.

There was a time when I would have given up and been happy with the third sign up.

With 5 hours still on the clock.

I hit it hard called my favorite partner in crime.

Made a deal to get her in under the wire made four.

Three hours to go I sent out my last E-mail with a final plea.

Then took a deep breath and waited for the phone to ring.

About 9:30 my youngest asked why I was still up.

She knew I had to be up in six hours.

I Explained where I was in the contest and hard it was going to be tp come up one sign up short.

I was simply out of time.

Both my Girls put their heads together said they would split the sign-up. 

It has been years since we have seen you this excited about a business opportunity.

PS. Today I got a call from a super fan, he is coming over this Friday at 11 to sign up.


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