Powur is Family, Helping Families!

Now that my dad Peter has joined the SolarPreneur team.

Powur is Family, Helping Families!


Out of the ten in my Powur Grid, 30% have partnered up and paid to become full Powur Partners. Having done better than the 80/20 rule implies, I am sure it is all about the quality of people I been blessed with on this business team.

Dad, Thanks setting an example worthy of following, it was your example when I was young that set the stage for me becoming an independent contractor when I grew up.

Jonathon Budd, Thank you for creating this opportunity to change the world in our Lifetime. Till now Clean Energy was just a pipe dream.

Looking at Elon Musk, Progress with Tesla Giga Factory and the huge improvement his cousins have made just in the last year to the biggest solar installer in the US. Solar City is the company who after only six years in business is the Biggest installer of Solar Panels in North America.

Unstoppable Entrepreneur, Jonathon Budd leads the field force called Powur” that is going to “Panel the Planet” starting with all fifty states. Here at SolarPreneur.ca we hope Canada will be the first international Expansion of the Powur Program and the Solar City, Panel the Planet Project.

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