Saving You Money The Nest Controls your Energy Use

The whole system will work automatically and can be monitored through SolarCity’s app. on your smartphone. Saving You Money The Nest’s Learning Thermostat™ Controls your Energy Use.

They even have smart, electric water heater that will use the solar energy from the Solar PV to heat water during the day and store it for later use in the home.

While the Tesla Powerwall will store excess energy from the panels, which the Nest Thermostat from Google, will be able to manage at night.

Customers can choose to install more than one Tesla Powerwall depending on the size of the residence. Right now you can get it in a seven or ten-kilowatt unit.

SolarCity says it has already started taking pre-orders from residential customers in Hawaii for these ‘Smart Energy Home’.

Recent coverage of SolarCity and Tesla Energy: NestAd_11x17_Final_223 (1)

Feb 24, 2016 Straight from the Solar City Website.

HONOLULU, Hawaii, Feb. 24, 2016 – SolarCity (NASDAQ: SCTY) is introducing a Smart Energy Home offering to new residential customers in Hawaii. It includes advanced technology: solar PV, battery storage, smart electric water heaters and the Nest Learning Thermostat™—all coordinated by a home gateway that controls the battery, water heater, thermostat and inverter to maximize solar PV generation and self-consumption.

SolarCity’s smart energy home management system combines solar with batteries to store excess electricity generated from the solar power system during the day, then deliver it to the home at night. The dynamically-controlled smart electric water heater uses solar PV to heat water during the day and store it for later use in the home. Altogether, the Smart Energy Home uses the battery, smart electric water heater and controllable  to automatically modify energy usage based on how much solar power is available to prevent energy from being exported back to the grid.

System size, as well as the combination of technology and number of batteries, will vary based on customers’ individual energy usage.

The Smart Energy Home offer is available by lease and by cash purchase, and SolarCity will begin taking orders today.

For more information, visit: Start Saving Today!

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