Say, Yes 2 Roof Top Solar


If you live in an of the ocean front state you can

Say, Yes 2 Roof Top Solar!

After I explain how this works it is going to make complete sense.

Have you heard about Elon Musks’ Solar City? 

They’ve dominated the growing solar installation industry for six years?

Forty percent of all installs in the United States where done by SOLAR CITY, Last Year?

HOW about you can have your own 0 Down Roof Top Solar Installation from Solar City with the new state of the art Tesla Batteries if:

You have owned your own home for at least three months. 

You have good, credit score over 650. 

If not, there is an option to use a co-signer.

Must Live in a state that has net metering.

Here are the activated states so far: SolarCity Regional Map

Be willing to sign twenty-year lease agreement or thirty-year purchase deal?

Want to lock in your electric cost for the next twenty/thirty years at today’s wholesale rate?

How would you like to receive a refund cheque once a year from the utility company that sold you your power?

Just Say, Yes 2 Roof Top Solar so you can help the planet while saving money on your power bill. find out more by following this link:

Get Solar Now!

Now let’s get the bigger picture from Tesla Savior, Elon Musk about the advantages of using a Tesla Battery to stabilize your energy demand. Imagine never having to pay at the top tier for your daily power use ever agian when you use these space age batteries. 

Now that you know “How it Really Is!” straight from Elon you will want to be part of this world-changing solution.

Canada Talks Health, -the Raw Audition- (2)

1-250-703-6967 10 am- 4 pm Tuesdays to Saturday.

At Powur we are working with Tesla products and Solar City Installation crews creating a new stable energy grid that pays homeowners for their surplus power that is used to stabilize the existing system. 

If you want to Say, Yes 2 rooftop solar?

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