Second Star to the Right!

Do you have any Pixie Dust, Tinkerbell?

Another way I have heard it said is,

“Be the person who does the work and so you can have the rewards that go with having had the joy of doing all that hard work, most seem to avoid.”

I like, “the Magic of Thinking Big!” 

I feel that if one Shoots for the Stars and Hits the Moon it will all work out.

or my favorite LINE from, Peter Pan,

“Second Star to the Right, Straight on to Morning”

I quit working in the restaurant industry in November of 2001.

Three reasons:

September 11th. 2001, I Saw the first Cracks in the Matrix!

I Was Tired of training more bright young minds to a dying art form, where they would get paid less year, after year in a legal form of slavery I had perpetuated for at least ten of my 21 years as a Chef and a Teacher.

I knew deep inside I had something to do still.

Joined network marketing, sort of got my feet wet built a career. At 35, I Recreated my professional self as financial advisor of all things. In the early two thousands, everyone was making money in the Lottery that was investing we thought it would never end.

Alas, it was built on sand in 2007 in August I listen to Sandi Weils’retirment speech in Atlanta Georgia, came home from the convention ready to save the world. Tell everyone it was over. Time to stop investing, move your money to safer options… 

Everyone was happy making 10-20% a year.

No one wanted to hear it.

February 2008 in what I call my cosmic two by four.

Hits me in the head twice.

The first time was in Headon Car Crash with drugged, up guy in stolen car at 30 MPH.

One week later, the market crash happened.

Followed by PTSD from the assault and facing two hours of questions at the trial, of the young repeat offender.

Deep depression, weight gain, ballooned up to 300 pounds…

Found an amazing Canadian nature health food that solved the depression PROBLEM.


I Started walking back to the land of the Living.

Thought the hard stuff was over.

FAST FORWARD Four years TO “FOUR YEARS AGO this Week!”


12/11/2011 Lost my mother, Heather at age 64

01/10/2012 Heart attack > Air Lift > Four stints

Evolutionary Transformation Creates Bliss. (4)

Second Chance at a Full Life, Physical Transformation.

If 46 is the midpoint transfer from the old life of poverty, grief, and shattered dream. 

Part two has been a journey of recovery freedom out through the other side or to tie the metaphor together.

“Straight on till Morning” or the Dawning of a Bright New Day.

In this future, I play a Key role in the rapid expansion of the Elon Musks’ dream of Paneling the Planet in Solar Cells. The new normal in business is this clean energy grid, that was built by Day Dream Believers. 

It grew like wildfire as World Governments, followed Canada’s example by dropping all barriers to Solar & Wind Alternatives.

30 %  Rebates are made available before the end of 2016 in ten other countries and that is just the start.

This what we offer:

PS< If you want this dream to be the norm, Like, Share or Comment! 

Share with everyone you care  about, the world is listening, 

This is a Game-Changing for the Energy Sector and how it does Business.

Solar Messenger, Michael






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