SolarCity Opens in Three New Markets

Good News for all involved SolarCity Opens in more New Markets!

Hawaii reopens with Tesla Batteries Systems instead of connecting to a grid. 

These installs will be totally off the grid.

Best news yet for us in Canada as Washington state goes active. 

Making twenty-three states open for the SolarCity / Powur business model.

SolarCity Regional Map plus Florida in the Orlando area, Texas is also open in San Antonio and Houston, Utah, and South Carolina, but closed in Nevada.

Even better than that Mexico is opening for Solar City and Sara has one partner in Mexico city.

Looking at from SolarCity Business model, they want to be where the sun is shining and there is a lots of homes in a small area

This is where the internet makes it easy. 

I have thirteen teammates in states most from Solar City active states.

One in Mexico City where SolarCity is setting up shop.

I have an advocate from India, Karan Manchanda.

He is young and sees the opportunity in being first in his country to promote a new business model and like myself has Visihaki.

Sign is Forked Lightening Bolt!

Amazing how using the invention of the Internet to reach out, connect with Blogs that share Ideas and Information.

I can stay at home a semi-retired Chef can sit here in his living room listening to his grandson, Nathan Play. Nathan is almost one get in the way of his four-year-old, sister Brooklyn Barbie dream house, cartoons on Netflix.

We don’t do ComercAILS IN THE HOUSE.

How about You?

I believe we become what we put into our bodies and minds.

That is why I eat the purest food I can buy and study with Masters of Self-discipline and Self-awareness that help me change my thought that become new habits which become my reality!


Michael Gene Pearce,

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