Step One is to “Start”


I took a program last summer called,

Mind Intensive with Gifted Larry Hochman.

There, I learned the five steps to success, Step One is to “Start”

The program was an in-depth look at how to build – up or rebuild your self -esteem.

I learned to how to focus on the positives and build on every failure.

Successful people know all progress in life is a two step forward, one step back process.


Once we are freed from the need to be perfect, get everything right all the time.

Life gets easier and success becomes a simple dance.

Two steps forward, one step back that is how the Successful Guru’s Dance.


I invested all my spare time for three years sharing my recovery story.

That was focused on me and is the complete story, all the ins, and outs of how I am thriving not just surviving after a widow maker heart attack.

Now, that I have put the pain of nearly dying of congestive heart failure behind me. After being in cardiac arrest for a total of six hours on three different occasions and life struggles created by a lack of blood flowing to my brain. I have no muscle damage to my heart.

Peace is when you can leave your pain in the past where it belongs, that internal healing has been this past year’s journey.

I just celebrated 50 years on this blue ball of water, flying through space.

I appreciate having a full life supported by a Loving family.


The Last time I was 188 pounds I was eleven years old, after 40 years of being overweight I found Michaels’ Health Answer..

I am more active than any time since my early twenties.

Work that keeps me exercised, a blog that let’s me share what works with others that want to know.

New Opportunity to build the clean energy grid with Jonathon Budds’ Powur in support of Elon Musks, “Dream of Solar on every Rooftop.”

The plan is to use the online marketing skills, learned in sharing my recovery story to share something that will benefit this whole planet in an even larger way.

If you want an invite to principate in a launch of this game-changing technological leap forward for homeowners and marketers just comment.

If you need another reason to do it now as I said at the start;

Step One is to “Start”

 Here is a Ledgendary movie stars’ Plea for you to take action now!

Robert Redford: Demand Climate Action at the Paris Climate Summit“If we want to leave our children, grandchildren and future generations a healthy planet, we’ve got to respond now to the challenge of climate change. “ – Robert RedfordAdd your name to #DemandClimateAction:

Posted by NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) on Thursday, November 19, 2015

The partners’ at Powur get paid to share how 0 Down Solar works and why it is the best option for creating the renewable energy this planet needs.

Now that the environmental impact of productioning solar planes, use to out wayed the benefits. Elon Musk has solved this issue with his new Giga factory where Solar panels and Tesla battery are made on an automated assembly line completed powered by Soar. For the first time the carbon footprint is small enough to create panels and batteries that have not created a negative impact that could never be offset by the savings at the same time the panel have become 50 % more effective in just the last year changing the business model and this is exploding where and how well solar will work.

PS> If you want to be part of the Solar revolution,

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Solar Messenger, Michael




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