Takes Teamwork to make a Dream Work

The Book by a similar title by John Maxwell is a must read.

Get the Book.

I read it years ago, still true today.

The concept in this book is a warm approach to the idea of:

Only by working in a team will you fulfill your dreams.

The focus of the book is on realizing one’s dreams, achieving those goals by working in teams.

Teams come in every shape and size – spouses in a marriage, colleagues at work, volunteers together for a good cause…

It takes teamwork to make the dreamwork.

There are no lone rangers.

It’s a myth that one person can do something great.

Strong leaders who changed our country dreamed big and were successful because they were always part of a team.

This brings me to the number one reason I am so excited about Powur

I feel that way about Managment team with Elon Musk creating game-changing Clean Energy Products for us to market through the grid.

Second best part, Jonathon Budd has the creator here at Powur is Hero

Hero Maybe even a Modern-day SuperHeroes.

Elon Musk as IRONMAN

Jonathon Budd as THOR

Here is the Vidoe I did that shares how this has benefited me and helped grow a team of real superheroes.


WE still a few spots open.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I want to transform the world into a cleaner, green place.

Solar Messenger, Michael



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