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Fact:  In 2010, the International Energy Agency predicted that global solar PV capacity could reach 11% of projected global electricity generation by 2050.  **

Fact:  Four years later, in 2014, the agency projected that, under its “high renewables” scenario, solar power could supply 27% of global electricity generation by 2050.  **Source: Wikipedia

When I was young, I was taught if I wasn’t part of the solution, I was part of the problem.

I am choosing to be part of the pollution solution and today I’m suggesting you can be part of it too:  see if you qualify for 0-down solar panel installation in the U.S. (or) sign up for the grid now so you are first on the list when it comes to Canada (or) become an advocate and join our mission to solar panel the world!

If you believe solar energy is the way of the future, but think affordability is thing of the past, you’ll like this present!

Imagine a world where we are not held hostage to increasing energy costs?

Imagine a world where your energy costs are stable and predictable?

Imagine how great it would be to be the first of your neighbours to have solar installed – with no $ down!

You in?

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