Do You Want to Own your Rooftop Solar?

Do You Want to Own your Rooftop Solar?

This is a huge step forward for all the people that want to own instead of lease a rooftop system that provides them with Clean, Green Power from the Sun!

If You have been following this blog for the Last ten months. 

You Know I am promoting Zero Down SolarCity in twenty-three of the Untied States down south of Canada.

While I build a massive list of Canadians waiting for this green option to move north into Canada.

If you want to check out if this cool system can be install where you live?

Follow this link:

Add your info and we will talk about how it all works, soon.

Here is a quote from Jonathan Budd,

“OH My God!

Did you see what happened, last week??!

We now have the BEST product options in the World x10!

Watch the full Video twice to completely understand the importance of what just happened.”

I did, just now.

It was so cool I had to post about this, imagine making payments for ten years, then never paying ever again for your Power?

Solar messenger, Michael

PS< this just in as Worked on this Post:

HOLY S***. (Yes, I am that excited)

I’m not sure if this allowed to be leaked yet, but I don’t care. I just got confirmation and inside word from SCTY that we are INDEED going into a LITANY of new markets over the next 60 days.

Powur will be opening in UTAH starting in June, covering all the population of salt lake and surrounding Areas.

Powur will be opening in FLORIDA in June, covering the entire Orlando area and suburbs.

Powur will be opening in Houston and San Antonio in JULY.

Powur will be opening in South Carolina in July.

Ladies & Gentlemen…

the solar revolution is about to BLOW UP!!

I am so darn excited right now.

Hang on to your hats

Hang on to your hats Powur people… we are setting our sights on national and international TAKE OFF!

All of this is being made possible by our new Loan Product.

We’ll send out more info and detailed training in the coming weeks. And this goes without saying… but you just might want to be making a few phone calls into those markets!!! lol

Share this with friends that own homes and need to start saving money.




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