Do you want Rooftop Solar?

Do you know anyone that wants, Rooftop Solar?

Ā šŸ’” I am from Canada and Powur is only available in twenty states, so far it is not marketable in Canada.

I reaching out to connect with US homeowners that likeĀ the idea of saving money on their energy bill with no upfront costs.

If you live in any of the ocean frontĀ states except Florida and Georgia, we are open for business.

Solar City is our business partner in the field is even doing Rooftop Solar Systems in Hawaii using the Tesla Powerwalls because connecting locally to the grid is a bad deal for homeowners.Ā 

We are hoping this will be the case in Nevada where SolarCity is on the wrong end of a quick switch by the State Governor.Ā


\\\\\\\\\\ Click here to see if crews are working in your hometown? \\\\\\\\\\Ā <

This link also works if you want to start sharing the sunshine with others.

Imagine receivingĀ $200 for each referral you make to Solar City then getting checks monthly for the next 20 years?

This Powur Business Model is just so different from other marketing options I have found.

First No Monthly Auto Ship investment to get paid each month.

Second, No Physical Product to Purchase, Store or Selling. We do not have to close any sales or ask our clients for money. up front. Zero down means just that.Ā 

Thrid, Cool fact on your third sale you are in profit have covered all your start up expenses.

Fourth, every month Powur adds something to their advanced marketing system to make sharing this clean, green energy option with everyone you know easier.

Do you want Rooftop Solar?

Will you share this post in your social media?

Do you know others that will want to know about this cool option?







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