What Type of Future are you Creating?

I heard this question on today’s Powur opportunity call, 

“What Type of Future are you Creating?”

I am creating a better world for my kids and grandkids

Now hear you giggling, sounded pretty tongue and cheeky to me too.

Sounded pretty tongue and cheeky. to me too.

To me too at first.

Then upon reflection,  

I see examples that prove,

I create my own reality daily.

Google – Dr. Robert Anthony, his explanation made sense to my conscious mind enough that I now firmly believe it works the way he explains it.  😆 

Read: The Laws of Deliberate Creation or Beyond Positive Thinking!

NLP is not Magic!

Simple example, “You have two ears and one month.”

That means when you say something out loud you have heard it, twice.

Second thing to remember,

“If I say it is Suspect. If you say or think it, “It is True, for You! 

Tom Hopkins, legendary sales trainer

Flip this one over in your mind,

You’ll have the start of the solution to a huge problem for most people.


When a great teacher’s speak of being present they are talking about spending part of your waking day, sitting in silence waiting for your own,

ESPEnteral Silent Partner to let you know what needs to be done next. 

To let you know what needs to be done next. 

It sounds way to simple as long as you listen to your ego or your conscious mind all you will get is why it will not work that is because the conscious mind only knows what it remembers from your past experiences.

It only has your past experience to draw on when you connect with your higher self that part of you that is eternal.

It Knows your Life Propose.

If you listen after taking your breath it can guide you to the best possible outcome from all the options you may not even understand are available to you.

If you listen, in Silence.

Intuition can Guide you!

My Spiritual Guide,  Phyllis Chubb teaches her students,

“Find our Breath!”

Here is some of her basic training she shared with the Webmasters Posse, over a year ago:

This is a link to a post on her Blog: 

Click here: http://phyllischubb.com/charlie-sheen/

Back to the question I started with,

“What Type of Future are you Creating?”

I see a future that is bright where I am leading a passionate army of entrepreneurs in the forces of Light as we challenge the established power that Be.


We the SolarPreneur, Superheroes, are each doing our part to change the way the energy companies do business by decentralize the power grid while helping homeowners save money every month. It is not easy to stop, take your breath & listen for the answers inside ourselves. as long as we are using another’s solution to our problems you will have a problem. 

Stop take your breath, wait, stay present till you get your answer.

When you Visit Phyllis’s Site: http://phyllischubb.com/

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PS < Thank You!

Michael Gene Pearce, Getting to the Heart of the Matter!





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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    We do create our own reality every day! We have to watch our word and thoughts and be very diligent about it.

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